Monday, November 2, 2015

THe X Files

The X Files 
Matted 12x12 inches 

It is time for a three step watercolor. I wrote a book about how to paint in this fun way that eliminates so much of the watercolor frustration we are all familiar with. 
You can find the book HERE
and on Amazon. 
Now here are the steps 


Select a picture that is free and not owned by anybody else. The Morgue File is a great resource for this. Then apply the pattern of midtones  on the skin. 

Now add some darker midtones and move into the hair areas. Find the value shapes and paint what you see not what you "think" you see. make sure all these value shapes are connected and form a pattern that is not confusing to the eye. 

The hard work is done. Now hit the darkest darks with paint that is the thicker  kind of like "gravy" . Be sure of where you are going and move with accuracy and a fully charged brush. 

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