Saturday, November 28, 2015

Four Step Watercolor

Step 1 ...Go the Morgue File and find a picture that is free . Then plug in the darkest of the dark pattern shapes. If it "reads dog" at this stage you are off to a good start. 

Step two..find the lightest white shapes and paint them in according to value shape patterns. This is going into your highest "key" of color hues now. Just concentrate on connecting shapes . Don't over think. 

Step on the supporting background. Find those value shapes and when you have the darkest  ones established we will move on to mid-tones. 

Step Four ...put in the middle value shapes. Nothing in this step can be as dark or as light as what ever colors you have already used. This requires making test dabs before applying paint. 

So let's review..this painting started with the darkest darks...then went to the lightest lights and then finally to mid-tones. Not my usual way to work but preserving the whites of the paper required it in the case. 

I call this painting Asleep at the Easel ...

And now a plug for my book about how to paint using this strategy 

My Book


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing your process Jo! Just love this portrait as well!

  2. HI Kaethe. I swear I painted this saying "how would Kaethe do it"?
    It allows me to slow down and mix more methodically and carefully. It also has led me into the graying down of my colors overall. I needed this. You keep growing and I find that so satisfying to my own progress.