Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Four Step Hound

A Four Step Hound 

This hound from the Morgue File decided to be a "four stepper". Here are the steps for building this type of painting based on value shapes and patterns. 

Step One. ...Establish the darkest value shapes. Connect them creating an overall pattern that "reads" dog. If this can't be achieved stop here and choose another image to work from. This is the foundation of the building and if it is not strong the painting will fail. 

Step Two...begin to apply mid-tones. No color used here can be as dark or darker than what was established in step one. Make test dabs before applying paint. This is a slower process but essential. 

Step Three....add final washes  and leave some of the white paper as your lightest value. 

If you want to see more of how to paint this way click here My Book


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    1. Thank you Sue. I was gone but now I am back. I hope to get some other 3 and 4 steppers up this week.