Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Rose

Christmas Day Rose 
7.9x7.9 inches 
matted 12x12 inches 

Yesterday I was too heavy handed in my treatment of the rose. The petals must be stroked like the skin on a child's cheek and handled with the care of a loved ones feelings. Today I managed to do that and still get my desired value range.


  1. Replies

    1. Thank you Linda, I am stuck on roses at the moment. Have you ever had one of those times you just want to dig in and learn everything you can?

  2. This is lover-ly! It look like you took special care with your painting technique. I like the minimum of interior hard edges - very rose petal -like!

    1. I can see the mood I am in by my patience level. I could find the slower pace on this one and the subject required it.