Monday, April 6, 2015

Three things at once

This is my board so far this week.

Here is the reason why. I am powered by cake the breakfast of champions. This one is covered in roses and is so pretty.

Tomorrow I plan to get serious.

 I will finish this peony the third thing that is keeping me working at a pretty fast pace.
But I am done for this day.


  1. I think sugar definitely adds to the creative process, don't you? Great post Jo! Your painting is well on its way! Love the bulletin board! Those beach paintings look familiar 😃

  2. Hi Kaethe, I love those beach paintings. They were never for sale . They were for a friend who was ill.
    Oh well.....I am still working on peony paintings. Especially the negative space in the background. The cake was so rich and sugary we could not even come close to finishing it.