Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Last Ornament in Three Steps

The Last Ornament 
This painting can be purchased by clicking here. HERE

What I have learned so far? Red and green make very interesting and useful neutral grays.

Step two ..putting in the mid tones. You can see the test dabs on the left.

Step one..establishing the NOTAN pattern.


  1. I have loved this series - truly. Thanks for the steps. I always enjoy seeing an artists process. I was thinking about how both our art has grown and changed since I first started following your blog - was it almost three years ago? Time flies.
    Enjoy the Season.

    1. That sounds right. Oh my gosh that is probably 2000 paintings ago. I am looking forward to more learning this year. I know where I want to go to and paint on paper is the plan. Thanks for staying and being in the journey with me Julie.