Monday, December 15, 2014

The Charm?

The Charm 

I have found as a painter and a person usually for me the third time of trying something is the "Charm". 
I never think this is going to be true. Surely the first attempt is my best.....but then I get nagging thoughts ...the "what if's". 
Before you know it I am trying it again and think for sure I have learned all I needed to from my second attempt. 
But oh no ...not true....there is still a layer to explore. Maybe if I try one more time I can get what I hoped to accomplish done. 
So number three begins and to my surprise ...Yup...the third time is the Charm.
What I have learned so far : 
Not all OCD is bad it can be useful  and productive. 

Here is step 2

Here is step 1
The whole point today was to key from a higher value range. The tricky part is that is what helps make things look shiny.

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  1. You're absolutely right - this is the best! Bright AND shiny! I read somewhere that putting the lightest lights against the darkest darks helps create the shine too.