Saturday, September 20, 2014

Puppy Loving Time

Puppy Loving Time 
matted 12x12 

I am starting a new project where I am attempting to paint the connection between human and pet friends. 
If you have a photo that you would like to share I would love to see it.

I have decided to post steps two ..laying in the midtone and step one...the initial NOTAN pattern for you to see. 
I decided to leave out all the dark patterns in the trees in the background. I thought that would distract from my main focus. 
What do you think? Was that a wise decision? 



  1. The new project is worthy & meaningful - connections! As to the background, the only way to be sure would be to do it again! I like the idea of dark behind the man's back without the pattern business I think you were relating to. Cheers!!

    1. I agree Dana....I am remaining undecided. When I know more I will do more.