Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Two , Two Paintings in One!

Selfie garden challenge number 2
7x11 inches 

Let's discuss. was interesting to do this challenge twice. I always learn more that way. 
What are your feelings about the pencil lines? 

I had vertigo painting this one. I had to sit down and clear my head. There was so much to consider. 

What have I learned so far?
Keep a mirror handy. I have so many possible ideas that a mirror could be used in.

Never ever ever ...ever give up! 


  1. I rather like pencil lines sometimes. They show the artist's process a bit, which is interesting. They can also define form a bit or hint at texture. They can also define an edge. I have to remember to omit a pencil line when I want a soft edge. Watercolor is SO challenging--there is so much planning involved! I admire the work!

    1. Good . I always felt the pencil lines show the artistic process and add to my interest but I haven't been in the business long enough to know the convention wisdom. I do need those lines and when I paint in a high key they are noticeable close up.

  2. I also like the pencil lines. I love the calligraphic nature of line under a watercolor. I like both paintings, but this one is my favorite.
    I like the never never never give up...I needed to hear that today......

    1. Hi Linda,
      Especially in the middle of learning new skills and ways of seeing it is the hardest time not to give up. I call that the "bumping into furniture stage" I imagine a completely dark room and I can see a doorway but it is so dark that I keep "bumping into furniture" as I find my way to the door. My shins keep getting "Pinged" and I am uncomfortable . But ahhh.....when you get to the doorway it feels so good.
      Until you decide to push yourself again and you to a new room , and it is dark and you start bumping into furniture. Gotta love the process ...right?