Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Artists healing Artists

Artist's healing artist's is a play on the title of my favorite Blog talk radio program Artist's Helping Artist's .

Today I was feeling blue...truly feeling the loss of my recent surgery and all that it has come to mean. Then it happened!

I opened up my email and my good artist friend Dana Richards sent me this healing gift.
She contacted Dreama Tolle Perry who you can find here . Dreama is well known for her use of color and her generous heart. She is also known for painting her cat Eddie.

Dana asked if she would sent me a picture of Eddie that I could paint for my pet friends project.

Dreama sent a picture and said Eddie is looking forward to being painted in watercolor.

How exciting for me to have this to look forward to when I can pick up a brush again.

I needed this helping hand to make me feel the power of art and women..that I have kind of lost in my own soul for the time being.

That is why this post is called Artist's healing Artist's. 
I am overwhelmed and accept this gift and will paint Eddie as soon as I am able to start up again.


  1. What a beautiful thought from Dana! Art is definitely healing Jo and I will be looking forward to seeing your painting of Eddie.

    1. I hope I can do it Karen...( no pressure) right? I am determined to come back to painting with joy in my heart and not one minute before.

  2. love the painting....I started an artist mentoring group inspired by Leslie Saeta which serves many purposes, one being the encouraging of each other through our ups and glad you are feeling better...btw we have a show at the Chaffee in Aug.

    1. I would like to hear more about how your group functions. The ups and downs are many. I will look for the show at the Chaffee. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  3. I'm so happy this cheered you up, Jo! And I love the concept of Artists Healing Artists. I'm sure Leslie would agree!