Sunday, January 12, 2014

The sneeze

The sneeze 
Today the pet friend of the day needs a tissue. This one is for Els M. and I call it The Sneeze. 

What I have learned so far

There really truly are no stupid is not just  a saying it is the truth. 
For example "Are you really going to eat that?"


  1. I am surprised the person caught that sneeze, it seems to happen so quickly and whoosh, the moment is gone around here..I hear it, but usually don't see it, great capture!

    1. I have a buddy who posts pictures on Facebook and lets me use them. She has a great eye and she has a cat series that I am using. It sure helps to have generous people contribute so kindly from the heart.

  2. You really are jump from incredible intense color to paper thin color. Such a treat for the eye! Love this one....achoooooo!