Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Small then Big

Promise Me Watercolor 7x10 inches 
matted 11x14 inches Can be found HERE
I am excited. I just ordered my first sheets of paper 22 x 30 inches. Yes! 22x30 inches. I am going to paint peonies and they are going to be bigger than anything I have ever tried before. 

Now I have to think about if I want to scale my individual blooms to a larger size or stay within the size I know well but increase the number of blooms. I am leaning toward increasing the number. So I need to make some plans for positive and negative space because the composition has to work as an abstract before I can plug the subject in. 

What I have learned so far. 
The subject can not save a painting no matter how compelling. The underlying NOTAN pattern will not be denied.

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