Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Go For A Walk

Ready To Go 
7.9x7.9 watercolor 
Matted 12x12 inches 
This painting is full of deep washes. It can be found HERE


  1. I love the suggestion of whiskers. Question about the deep washes....I am trying to learn watercolor (30 day challenge) and if I do too many washes or if I go too dark in color, it looks chalky. Help please with deep washes!

    1. I have to admit. I do not do a lot of layered washes. Kara K Bigda is a watercolor painter who admire who does. I just have never understood how to layer successfully.
      So.....I use a lot of pigment in ratio to water . Usually the consistency of gravy. I will make three pools of paint for my darks in this case, Alizarin Crimson Ultra marine blue and Burnt Sienna. I get them individually to the "gravy " stage and then let them mingle a bit. I dip my brush in and out of them at random laying in my darkest value shapes . I do not scrub or blend. The paper is dry . I let the colors mingle into themselves . I move carefully but with confidence. This is the foundation of my painting . Just like the foundation of a house. If I get this wrong. I rip it up and start over because the mistakes will just compound from here. When I finish the painting I may go back and hit the dark areas in a spot or two with thicker paint almost all pigment. But I find the layering thing in my hands produces dull over worked watercolors that are Dead on Arrival. I do use high quality paints and I have to say if your paints are not of a good caliber the best painting and mixing in the world will not give you what you want. I hope that answers your question. I admit I not a watercolor painter who paints in a conventional manner. We all find our own recipes and I feel your pain. My rip up pile is massive.