Saturday, July 11, 2015

Treats 2

Treats 2? 
7x10 inches 
matted 11x14 inches 

This cat was a two day process to paint. It is a light gray or tan. That means using lots of neutral colors to create the value shapes. I didn't figure out a good strategy for how to paint it until I realized it was similar to a white peony. So I started with mid-tones and built up my dark masses slowly. 
Below are the steps for how to paint this kitty.The painting can be found HERE
Just to be clear  didn't take me two days to paint this. It took three four  tries over the course of two days. 

Step one ..finding the mid-tone color spots of value. 

Step two...continue with mid-tones ...building masses and using neutral mixes of complimentary colors for continuity. 

Step three...Good. Now go and hit the darkest dark areas. Be deliberate 

Step 4....put in finishing touches and light washes to pump up the colors to make the neutrals pop. 

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