Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Picket Fence Challenge Step by Step

The Picket Fence Challenge 
7x10 inches 

Here are the steps for building this painting. 

Step one ...find the pattern of the darkest elements through out the picture. Paint those patterns.

Step two...continue establishing the next value shapes making sure nothing is as dark as what was used in step one.

Step three. Time for mid-tones. All those colors that are medium in value. Again keep the original patterns from step one and step two in place. Do not violate the rules. Make many test dabs before applying paint.

Step Four...almost there but things are a little spotty. Add layers of wash to unite and pump up the color a bit.

Step Five. I thought I was done here but I felt that I could put more color on the car and in the shadow shapes. It was fine but felt a little washed out. I want to make the color as saturated as possible without dulling it down. I little goes a long way here.

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