Monday, January 26, 2015

Naomi's picture of a Barn

The process of a painting begins here. Asking permission to use this image. Naomi Flanders took the photo . It is of a farm very near to me so I know it well.

Step 1 ...Make a drawing and find the darkest darks. is there a pattern? If so ...lucky you. If not move on with trepidation.

Step 2...Finding the midtones. Now we have a pattern going but it is not strong enough . Keep going.

Step 3...working in the midtones leaving the whitest whites of the paper alone. The goal is unity of forms and color while maintaining the value range already established.

Step 4...Final adjustments and washes. In the photo the sky is all one value but I think it will feel too closed off if I do that. My eye needs room to wander off the page if needed.

Naomi's Barn 
9x12 inches 


  1. I like how you broke things down in steps, including asking permission to use the image! It's a great painting Jo!