Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two dogs and a motor boat as promised.

Rosie and Pippen 
7x11 inches 

Two pet friends in a motor boats with the wind in their ears. Oh happy day 

What I have learned so far: 

Value shapes must be established as the core of the painting no matter how engaging the subject. 


  1. Loving the dog on the left but not sure of the position of the dog on the right. Is he looking slightly to the left? Great color and composition. I hope I am starting a "conversation" as you wished as I also think that is a very good thing!

    1. Yes, one of the heads was turned just a "tad" too much. I wonder if I should have changed this. I am not good at making things up so I drew this to match the photo but it left the one muzzle looking too short. Now in terms of conversation...what to I do about tomorrows cross eyed cat....The cat is truly cross eyed in real life. It looks odd to me but I think I have to be true to the photograph on that one.

  2. Oh, my. I do not know. I think you should try being true and see what happens. That is a hard one.
    I get caught time after time for not editing the photo or real life to make the painting work better so I am right up there with you! We can learn together.